Welcome to Our Pancake Blog

Welcome to Our Pancake Blog!

So, what does a married couple with no children and free time do? Why think of creative ways to eat of course. So begins the Around the World in Pancake Sundays project.

One day while eating pancakes made from sprouted wheat and chocolate chips, we started talking about how fun it would be to eat a different type of pancake each Sunday. I know, you must be stuck on the whole sprouted wheat pancakes. I'm sure many are thinking eeeeewwww, sounds yucky right now. However, they are actually quite tasty. We were given our first taste of them by a friend last New Year's Eve (well, technically the morning after New Year's Eve). We were so enamored of them that we went searching for our own sprouted wheat to make some for ourselves a couple of months later.

O.K., enough digressing. While eating the above mentioned pancakes, the conversation started about eating a different type of pancake each Sunday. We began to wonder if we could find a different type of pancake for each Sunday for a whole year. So we set ourselves the challenge of finding a unique pancake recipe to try out each Sunday.

We continued to talk about this idea for the next couple of weeks. We started thinking about how most cultures actually have their own versions of pancakes. This led us to try to find a pancake from each country in the world. We finally began our project last Sunday, and decided to chronicle it here in this blog.

So welcome to our pancake blog, we hope you enjoy it as much as we are sure to enjoy making and eating them! Heck, we hope you make some and enjoy them too!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Ack!  Another hour bites the dust as I once again find myself sucked into StumbleUpon.  Seriously, that website is addictive!  I would like to find out how it determines which types of websites it is going to stumble you to though.  Unlike other times when I've tried stumbling to pancake websites, tonight was different.  While I did get taken to pancake recipes and blogs with pancake recipes on them, tonight I was also taken to news articles about pancakes.  I have been taken to news articles in the past about pancakes, however, those articles have always included a pancake recipe in them.  What was different about some of the news articles I stumbled upon tonight though was that quite a few of them didn't have ANY pancake recipe on them.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share them.  The first one I stumbled to talked about an alien sighting.  Take a look at it, and let me know what you think.

Eagle River Close Encounter

Maybe someday I'll be able to eat alien pancakes!

The next article was about the state of Kansas.  Apparently it was important to discover whether or not Kansas was actually as flat as a pancake.


I also stumbled to an article on Gizmodo about TSA scanners.  This one was quite scary as I read it.


Finally I stumbled to a website that had a video about two robots that were making pancakes.  Now this isn't a cartoon type of video of robots making pancakes.  This is an actual lab where the robots have been designed to take care of household chores.  The two robots in the video are real robots making real pancakes.  Take a look.


For those of you wondering, I still haven't managed to StumbleUpon my own blog.  I'm not sure I believe my blog statistics in that they are a major source of web traffic to my blog, especially since I can't seem to stumble there myself. 

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